Monthly/Weekly Microgreens Subscription

How it works?

Want to get your daily dose of microgreens delivered in bulk? Maybe this monthly subscription service will ring your bell.

Our subscription service is the best way to keep microgreens in your fridge consistently. With our subscription service, you get door-to-door delivery every week. 


We will communicate with you depending on the current demand we are experiencing if we have these greens on hand. Our little sprouts take 10 days to grow if we do not have these greens on hand. And they’re growing tall and mighty just for you.

We take the time to hand plant out greens upon orders. Typically greens sit on selves in stores on average of 3-4 days before they are even purchased. Plants have the highest nutritional quality, the closer to being harvested.  So, like all plants, as our competitor's greens sit on a shelf, the plants lose their key ingredients while ours are grown fresh just for you. We make it easy and straightforward to have access to the highest quality foods at the touch of a button. It's like gardening your own greens, without any of the work!